The next iPhone may take care of all your storage worries

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The iPhone 8 with two different storage options 64GB and 256GB according to a new report from Chinese research firm Trendforce. That means the basic model is double the 32GB offered as the lowest storage tier for the iPhone 7.

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Here’s the huge downside: the cost. Normally, Apple prices the iPhone at $50 to $100 more for each successive storage level. For example, the iPhone 7 is currently $649 for 32GB, $749 for 128GB and $849 for 256GB off-carrier in the U.S.

Having these different options allows users who don’t use up a lot of their phone’s storage to buy the smallest option, while the users who do need a lot of storage can shell out more for it. Simple.

If the new phone only has two storage options, the price for the “cheapest” model could be more than people are used to. That lines up with rumours suggesting the high-end iPhone 8 could cost upwards of $1,000. Trendforce also claims that the next iPhone will be the first to have an AMOLED display, will be 5.8 inches in size and 2K in resolution, all of which could contribute to the price.

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As phone cameras improve and people take more photos and videos, storage sizes like 16GB and 32GB are no longer enough for many users. On the other hand, streaming and cloud services like Spotify, Google Photos and iCloud help users free up space on their phone.

That said, a user with a lot of apps could use up 32GB fairly quickly. Besides, we need more storage than ever now that Netflix allows you to download shows to your device.

While the news has not been confirmed by Apple, last year Trendforce correctly predicted the storage options for the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus.